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You have been caring for your jasmine plant with so much love for such a long time and suddenly your plant starts looking stunt with its leaves all shriveled up? You have checked the underside and surface of those leaves and you have realized that they are plagued with little aphids insects! Well, bad news, aphids are a nasty pest and they suck! Quite literally, they are sap sucking insects and they will feed on mainly the sap and fluids of your jasmine plants (like for instance your precious night blooming or Star jasmines).

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Commonly growing as shrubs and vines, jasmines and their varieties, usually produce a wide array of exquisite flowers. Depending on the jasmine species, these secretes rich, intense and long lasting scents from their various types of blossoms. The flowers can range from unique waxy and white to intense yellow or purple. But let's not forget those which can reach that incredible red passion tone. Not only are jasmine flowers desirable and priced for their intoxicating fragrance, but some also have numerous benefits for medicinal and cosmetic uses, which include skin care and stomach-ache remedies. They are also of a spiritual significance for some cultures. Growing jasmines until they bloom and keeping their flowers opened and shining for as long as possible, has long been a field of interest for many passionate gardeners. One could say, that when it comes to strong fragrant flowers, jasmine species are on the top of the list. There are more than 200 species of jasmines, so imagine how many different scents you could get, raging from the stronger ones to the weaker ones, from the ones with a wood hint, to the ones with a lemon twist! Oh so much variety!

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