Hey there! I'm Nina Rose...

Welcome to my website and nice to meet you. I’m a molecular biotechnologist, whose passion and drive are jasmine plants and all that is related to them!

I’ve been successfully growing several different jasmine plants for about 10 years now! Wow time flies! I remember how I could see my neighbours’ gardens around me and on the internet all those beautiful jasmine vines, shrubs and those little cute pots and I thought how amazing they looked and smelled.

There and then, I simply got myself my first two star jasmine vines. I was so excited to make them flower super quickly and fill my room with their beautiful scent. But very little did I know about how to care and maintain jasmine plants!

I became determined to learn everything I possibly could about jasmines and their different species and also started experimenting with different techniques of propagation, growing, feeding and so on and of course buying and planting more jasmines!

Of course I made tons of mistakes a long my journey, burning them in too much sun, drowning them in too much water, planting them at the wrong time of the year, placing them in all the wrong places around the garden or in the house, but one learns and finally, I got to nail the technique down! Although of course you can never be perfect and somethings are always out of your hand no matter how much on top of things you are.

This is the main reason I have created this site, for you to learn how to care for and optimally grow your precious jasmines, avoiding the mistakes I used to make! Growing jasmines and enjoying them is so pleasurable, fills your environment with a delicate scent and also fills your soul with so much happiness. It’s fun and you can do it too! Make sure to read and understand the articles on the site and soon you too will make your jasmine plants shine!